Registered Psychologist Anne Bunt


"There are risks and costs to a program of action, but they are far less than the long-range risks and costs of comfortable inaction."

John F. Kennedy

Increase life satisfaction

Enhance your wellbeing

Achieve your goals

Be healthier and happier

Be your
Best Possible Self
and live your
Best Possible Life



At Positive Transitions we provide Focused Psychological Strategies for individuals who are experiencing Depression, Anxiety, Stress or Adjustment Issues. Anne will work with you to assist you to improve your well-being and reduce your sypmtoms. Anne's goal is to help you to be happier, more relaxed and enjoy life more.

You do not need a doctors referral to be seen by a Psychologist. However if you have a referral from your GP under a Mental Health Care Plan you will be eligible for a Medicare rebate that will subsidise the cost of 10 sessions within a calender year.

Private Health Fund rebates may also be applicable.

Personal Work/Life Coaching

Coaching is for individuals who are not in distress but who want to proactively manage a transition in their career/life, increase life and/or work satisfaction or work towards achieving personal or professional goals.

Research from the fields of Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology has identified a number of benefits associated with undertaking a
structured evidence-based personal work/life coaching program, including:

Increased Life Satisfaction
Increased Work Satisfaction
Improved Mental Health
Enhanced Work/Life Experience
Increased Hope
Increased Well-Being (Happiness)
Increased Goal Striving & Goal Attainment

Coaching takes the form of a conversation based on a process of Appreciative Inquiry and is solution focused. Generally the coach will work with the client for 3 – 12 months on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis depending on the client’s individual goals and needs. In between sessions the client actively works on enacting change. The first session is always face-to-face but subsequent sessions can be either in person or by telephone.

You may sign up for a set number of sessions over a set period and pay in advance or you can pay for each session of coaching as you go, over what ever period of time is necessary for you to achieve your goals.

Sessions take place at the Positive Transitions consultation rooms at 38 Ken Tubman Drive, Maitland or 220 Lambton Rd, New Lambton.

Why choose a Coaching Psychologist?
Firstly Coaching Psychologists are registered psychologists. They are bound by the Code of Ethics of the Psychologists Registration Board

Secondly Coaching Psychologists have specialist post graduate tertiary qualifications in Coaching Psychology.

A Coaching Psychologist will have a minimum of 5 years university training in the workings of the human mind and human behaviour, in addition to work/life experience.

Private Health Fund Rebates may apply.

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